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What do I need before I purchase this design?
You will need the proper embroidery machine and equipment/programs in order to transfer the design from your computer to your embroidery machine. These are not iron on designs nor can they be sewn on by hand. Each design listing has the sizes and formats that it is available in for download. Please make sure it will fit your project before buying.

What are your Terms of Use?
All designs have been digitized by Just Peachy Applique from either our own artwork or purchased clipart. You may stitch these designs on items to be sold, however THE DESIGNS THEMSELVES CANNOT BE RE-SOLD, SHARED OR TRADED. You may NOT alter our designs and call them your own or sell the altered designs. If you are caught sharing the files you will be banned from shopping with Just Peachy Applique and your account will be DELETED!!!! Many, many hours of work go into digitizing these designs - please be kind and respect our work!

If you have an embroidery business/website and use our designs under our terms and conditions on completed items for sale.

You must have the necessary software/hardware to transfer these designs to your embroidery machine, and know how to facilitate this. We cannot take responsibility or provide assistance in this regard due to the numerous different brands of machines / software / hardware. If you are using the PES format be aware that our designs are PES Version 6.0. Your software and machine must be able to read that version as we don't offer them in a lower version.
You are responsible for what you put into your cart or don't. Once the order is complete it can't be canceled or added to!! It is your responsibility to add promo codes before you complete your order. Orders will not be canceled or refunded if you fail to do so. Also you have an Order History to keep track of the designs that you have purchased. Please note that our policy on duplicates have changed.

How do I receive my design files?
The designs on this site are provided by "Instant Download". After you complete your Paypal payment, you can then login to your account using the email and password you used when creating your account. All of your purchases will be stored there. Each download page has the expiration date for the links. It is YOUR responsibility to backup your files. Please don't use the website to store your designs. 

Why does my zip files say there is nothing in them?

There seem to be lots of people unzipping their embroidery/applique files in certain programs like SewWhatPro. And they have all had problems. These files were not zipped in that program and that seems to have something to do with it. We test each file that is loaded to the site before we ever offer them to the public. Each file is downloaded and unzipped by us and others to ensure that there are no problems. We check to make sure that all the formats are there as well. We recommend that you start unzipping your files straight from your computer.

What are my payment options?

We only take Paypal payments. However, you do not have to have a Paypal account to make your payment. Simply choose the Credit Card/Debit Card option if you do not have a Paypal account. Sorry but we no longer except E-CHECKS!!

What if I purchased the same design twice? 

We now have a script set up to keep you from purchasing duplicate designs. You must be logged into your account for this feature to work. Then you will need to look into each product listing. If you have already purchased the item it will give you a warning as shown in the picture below.

If you do not use the duplicate purchase feature and purchase a duplicate we will assume you wanted it and will not offer any replacements or gift certificates for them any longer.

How long are the designs saved to my cart?
We no longer have the save cart feature available at this time.

Why didn't I receive my email with the download links?
You will also receive an email to the address you used when you completed your checkout information. This email will come through immediately to your email address. The email will contain links to your design files. You can also access your designs by logging into your account. Please  download them and save them on your computer or flash drive.
Why didn't I receive my email with the download links?
There are usually two possible reasons why you did not receive your email with the download links.

1) You entered your email incorrectly when you completed your registration. When this happens your email cannot be delivered.

2) The email went into your spam folder. Please check this folder before contacting Just Peachy Applique.

If you do not receive your download link email, please use the "Contact" link to send an email to Just Peachy Applique.

Are your items refundable?
Due to the electronic nature of the designs NO REFUNDS will be given for any reason. Please ensure that you are aware of your hoop sizes before purchasing as well, as I cannot offer refunds simply because you have ordered a design that is too big for your hoop.

How do I download the designs?
To download your designs log in to your account using the email and password you used when you created your account or the link in the download email. Save the file to your computer or flash drive. Sorry we can't be more specific but everyone's computer setup is different.

Problems with PES formats. What can I do?

and Palette Software can be finicky about file versions. The file versions change whenever a new version of the software is released. So there are currently several different versions of PES files. Occasionally, people using PE-Design or version 1-8 of Palette Software will get an error. However, this can be corrected by opening the file in another program and re-saving it. Also, instead of opening the PES file, import another format into your Layout & Editing window buy clicking File from the menu bar and then select Import.  Other software that does not use PES as the original format will usually save files as PES version 1.0, which is why it helps at times to re-save the design in question. You can also avoid your embroidery software and send the design directly to your machine to skip any software conflicts.  If you are using PE-Design or Palette your PES file icon will be displayed as a "Layout and Editing" file.

How do I use Promo Codes?
Promo Codes can be entered during checkout. Each Promo Code will have certain details that must be met to use them. If you wish to use a Promo Code it MUST be entered during checkout before the order is completed. There are NO REFUNDS if the promo code is not used before your order is completed!!!

May I use your picture?

No, you may not use our stitch out pictures any longer. All photos are owned by Just Peachy Applique. Anyone found using them without permission will be subject to legal recourse. Photos with other watermarks other than Just Peachy Applique ARE NOT to be used either and are owned by the company shown in the watermark and are subject to legal recourse if used without their permission.

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